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It’s easy to see why so many of our patients at The Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria VA love porcelain veneers. Veneers can be used to address many flaws, and deliver brilliant results.

If you would like to improve your smile with porcelain veneers, you want a trusted dentist with extensive experience performing this treatment. The porcelain veneer procedure is more complicated than you may realize.

A veneer is an ultra-thin shell of medical-grade porcelain that is permanently attached to the front of a tooth. Each one is custom made. Veneers cover chips, cracks, and stains, and can also improve the shape, size or length of a tooth.

It’s important to understand that porcelain veneers are not reversible. A thin layer of enamel must be removed to make room for the veneer. Thus, the tooth can never be restored to its original condition.

At The Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria VA, we’ve improved countless smiles with porcelain veneers. People from Northern Virgina, Fairfax, and Prince William County also come to our practice for complete cosmetic dentistry. Contact us today!

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