What is General Anesthesia?

Advanced Anesthesia Options for Northern Virginia

sedation dentist and dental anesthesia services in Alexandria and Northern VirginiaGeneral anesthesia is a state of sleep induced by prescription medications. We meet patients who have tried laughing gas, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation without success. General anesthesia has been the perfect solution for countless patients who have been unable to receive important dental care in the past.

Dental anesthesia will ensure that the patient experiences zero pain or anxiety during their procedure. It is essential that you receive proper care to avoid future discomfort or more invasive dental work. A qualified sedation dentist can make your general, restorative, or cosmetic procedure possible with general anesthesia.

When and Why is General Anesthesia Used?

Here at the Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria, our sedation dentist provides general anesthesia for patients who need to sleep through their dental procedures. Most commonly, we provide dental anesthesia to:

  • Patients who are very young and are unable to cooperate during a procedure
  • Patients who have special needs that prevent them from sitting through a standard dental visit
  • Patients young and old who have severe dental anxiety or dental phobia
  • Patients who must undergo a long or uncomfortable dental procedure

general anesthesia services from a sedation dentist in Arlington and AlexandriaWe never want our patients to feel pain, discomfort, or stress. Dr. Mady and his team are highly trained in the world of sedation dentistry, and they create a secure environment for their patients to enjoy quality dental care.

Who Can Provide General Anesthesia?

Only dentists with additional training can provide general anesthesia to their patients. Sedation dentist, Dr. Mady, and all of his team members have undergone rigorous training to learn about the administration of dental anesthesia. Our team has the ability and knowledge to create a safe world of general sedation for you and your family members in the Northern Virginia area.

Would you like to Wake Up With a Smile? Our doctors would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the dental anesthesia we provide at the Center for Dental Anesthesia in Arlington. We are the only office in the Arlington – Northern Virginia area that provides hospital grade anesthesia, and we are thrilled to serve you and your family next! Call us today!

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