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Alexandria, VA Dentist Community Involvement

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At Center for Dental Anesthesia and Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry we believe that giving back to the community and serving those in need is not an option, it’s a requirement.

As a team, we continue to donate our time and effort, at our office location, on an annual basis, to provide FREE dentistry days to patients within our community through our partnership with local organizations such as New Hope Housing and UCM of Alexandria. Over the years we have helped hundreds of patients in need!

Our Team has participated in multiple medical and dental mission trips locally and all over the world. Some locations to mention are Mexico, Jamaica, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and Egypt.

We support several non-profit organizations and charities to provide dental care to the less fortunate. Some of these organizations include:

Center for Dental Anesthesia Alexandria VA dentist community involvement

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Please help us grow our efforts as we donate our time and resources to help the people in need and make the world a better place.