Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal in Alexandria serving ArlingtonHere at Center for Dental Anesthesia, our goal has always been to do whatever we can to preserve your natural teeth. However, in some cases, such as significant damage or decay, a tooth extraction is the best way to protect a smile from further infection or damage. We know the idea of a tooth extraction is concerning to many patients, but we offer a variety of sedation dentistry options to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth removal Arlington, VA and Alexandria, VAYour third molars are called your wisdom teeth, and they usually make their first appearances in early adulthood. Wisdom teeth generally do not have sufficient space to erupt fully into the mouth, which can result in impaction, infection, crowding, and other issues.

To prevent future health complications, wisdom teeth removal is often recommended. Thanks to safe dental sedation, you won’t have to feel any pain or remember the details of your procedure. If you have noticed your wisdom teeth are impacted, contact us for wisdom teeth removal near Arlington, VA today.

Other Tooth Extraction

You may need a tooth removal procedure aside from wisdom teeth removal. This is actually very common. Some of the reasons for a routine tooth extraction in Arlington, VA include:

  • A baby tooth that does not fall out due to misshapen or long roots.
  • Severe decay that threatens to spread to the surrounding teeth.
  • Internal tooth infection that could damage the smile.
  • Overcrowding that could be reduced by tooth extraction prior to orthodontic treatment.

Tooth Extraction With Sedation

You can sit back, relax, and enjoy hospital-grade anesthesia while our dentists improve your smile. Any tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal can be made comfortable with IV sedation or general anesthesia. We take pride in creating ideal experiences for patients who:

  • Suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia.
  • Have had distressing dental and sedation experiences in the past.
  • Have physical or mental health difficulties.
  • Are too young to sit through a dental procedure.

Dr. Mady and Dr. Geren and our team are fully qualified in dental anesthesia assistance, so you can trust us for a top-notch tooth removal.

We are happy to serve patients of all ages and walks of life, and we are committed to giving them a relaxing dental experience. Call to schedule your commitment-free consultation with our caring team members today.