IV Sedation

intravenous sedation dentistry and IV sedation in Alexandria and Arlington VirginiaMillions of patients suffer from dental anxiety. Dental anxiety can make it impossible for you to sit through a cleaning or dental procedure. At the Dental Center for Anesthesia, we are here to help improve your dental experience.

Here at the Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria, we are proud to give our patients sedation dentistry experiences that permanently improve their comfort with dentistry.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Most dentists do not provide IV sedation dentistry, but Dr. Mady and Dr. Geren take a special interest in patients who have had poor past experiences with dentistry. We want to give you the tranquil and successful dental procedures you have always wanted so that you can enjoy stunning smile results from our expert care.

Benefits of Dental IV Sedation

Thousands of people are affected by allergies, disabilities, mental illness, or other difficulties with dental work. Have your dentists had difficulty numbing your mouth? Do you have an overactive gag reflex that makes some procedures nearly impossible? Intravenous sedation could be right for you.
IV sedation dentistry and intravenous sedation dentistry in Arlington and Alexandria
There are many advantages of using IV sedation for your next dental appointment, including:
Rapid Relief | IV sedation dentistry involves a direct injection of calming medication into your bloodstream. You will immediately feel the effects of IV sedation and instantly notice your anxiety ebbing away.

Enduring Relaxation | Intravenous sedation will relieve your anxiety and fear while reducing your gag reflexes. Your dental sedation team will monitor you closely to ensure that your IV sedation keeps you calm from the beginning to the end of your procedure.

Adjustable Sedation | Different clients will often require different sedation levels depending on their own individual tolerances and preferences. We are here to accommodate your specific needs and make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed for your visit.

Accomplish More | When you are in a comfortable state with sedation dentistry, you will have the tolerance to sit through several procedures at once so that you can immediately enjoy an all-new smile.

Forget the Details | IV sedation dentistry patients have little to no memory of their appointment, and they are unaware of the sounds, sights, and details of the procedure. Intravenous sedation patients often remark that their treatment seems to pass in just five minutes’ time.

If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for all of the benefits of IV sedation and are in the Arlington – Arlington Virginia area, contact the Center for Dental Anesthesia today.

“The front person did a great job explaining my dental benefits…”

"I was referred to this office for a consultation to have some dental work done since my regular dentist was concerned about my medical condition. The office is obviously going through a transition but they are definitely making an effort to bring the location into the modern world. The staff is warm and welcoming. I sat with the dentist and he explained everything. The front person did a great job explaining my dental benefits. They obviously specialize in sedation dentistry. I even got a call from the dentist that night after my procedure. Thank you Center for Dental Anesthesia!!!"

– Claire D.

Center for Dental Anesthesia Alexandria VA

– Claire D.

The front person did a great job explaining my dental benefits.

“This office had a specialist on staff who does the sedation and that made it feel so safe…”

"I visited this office recently and was pleasantly surprised by the changes the office went through. I was a patient there a long time ago and hadn't been in a while. The office has been fully renovated and looks great. I have been in need of sedation for a long time and have been looking for someone to hear my concerns and understand my condition. This office had a specialist on staff who does the sedation and that made it feel so safe. I saw Dr. Zeyad Mady who was very friendly. He took the time to go over what I needed and offered helpful advice. The staff was great and helped get me an appointment that worked for my schedule. Overall, I enjoyed my visit and would highly recommend this office!"

– Rafah H.

Center for Dental Anesthesia Alexandria VA

– Rafah H.

This office had a specialist on staff who does the sedation and that made it feel so safe.
Center for Dental Anesthesia Alexandria VA

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