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From the Patients Mouths – Center for Dental Anesthesia Reviews

We receive many letters with positive comments about our practice and our services, but the only thing you really need to know is that you can relax or sleep through your next dental appointment without a care in the world – guaranteed! Our office will always treat you with the care and respect you deserve.

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Patients

“Dear Dr. Mady,
This brief note is to express my deep appreciation for all your and your fine staff’s efforts in connection with my intellectually disabled adult daughter Danna’s recent experience at the Center for Dental Anesthesia. As I shared with you after you completed her treatment plan under anesthesia, while Danna has been successfully undergoing this procedure for many years with your predecessor, Dr. James Snyder, there is always some worry that goes along with it. This was especially the case in this instance because it was the first time Danna was being treated by both of you. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with your efforts in Danna’s behalf. You both were caring, informative and, above all, most professional; helping to make the transition from Dr. Snyder’s to your practice as smooth as possible. Most importantly, Danna came through the procedure very well and in noticeably better shape post-op than last year in terms of the anesthesia’s after effects. While it’s not easy to look forward to Danna’s next visit with you, based on this experience I now know she’s in good hands and am reassured by the thought that she will be in your care for years to come. With thanks and best wishes,”

Harold (Hal) Lippman
Father of Danna

“I’m 50 years old and for the first time in my life, I willingly came to the dentist. It was a great experience and I say that with complete honesty… it was.”

Wilma Washington

“What I expected is what I got… no pain, no recollection of the procedure. Everything the dentist told me was the truth. I needed help, I went to two other dentists… when I got to the Center for Dental Anesthesia, they took the time to find out what was wrong.”

Vivian Stiehm

“Exceeded my expectations – definitely. The ad said that they would care about me; I got to the office and found it was absolutely the truth. Everything has been fantastic. I now look forward to coming to the dentist.”

Indie Cather

“The ENTIRE staff is absolutely wonderful! They are reassuring and comforting; both very important qualities when dealing with a dental weenie like myself. Everything is explained to me clearly, and my momentary limitations are not only respected, but included in the discussion while planning a course of treatment. I never feel judged or lectured on what has led me to requiring a LOT of dental work. Teresa especially takes the extra time to talk to me one on one, and keeps me calm when I’m facing a new surgery. The dentists are absolutely fantastic, and I always feel that I am in good hands and will be flawlessly taken care of before, during, AND after. I have finally found a dental practice that I love and am not terrified to visit. Several times I have been accommodated on an emergency basis and I have NEVER felt like an inconvenience or burden. I get the same treatment as everyone else, and the quality is simply amazing. I am a patient for life!

Brenna O’Neill

“When you a send a patient to the Center for Dental Anesthesia, the patient has a 100% guarantee that the procedure will be pain-free. End of story. I personally have a special needs child. These children cannot be seen in a typical dental office… they are going to need the help of specialized dentists.”

Dr. Hugh Campbell