Dental Phobia!

If you can’t tolerate dental treatment, we can help.

Dental anxiety is not uncommon. In fact, studies show that up to 75% of Americans experience some level of dental fear. If you have dental phobia, we want you to know that our first priority is making you feel safe and comfortable here!

When the sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office are just too much for you, it’s time for a chat with Dr. Mady and Dr. Geren. When even the thought of a dental office invokes strong anxiety, panic, or painful memories of traumatic dental experiences, sedation dentistry may be the answer.

Avoiding the Dentist?

If it has been a while since you’ve visited the dentist, what’s keeping you away? When a fear of the dentist is making it too difficult for you to receive treatments that you want or need, dental sedation could permanently change your perception of dentistry.

Maybe you have tried dental sedation options at other offices in the past without success. The Center for Dental Anesthesia is here to work with you. We will find a solution that works for your specific needs and makes your dental experience relaxing and even enjoyable.

Physical Complications?

If you or a loved one have severe gag reflexes or are otherwise physically unable to sit in the dental chair, dental sedation is a life-changing option. For patients who are unable to receive treatment due to age, comfort, or medical reasons, ask Dr. Mady or Dr. Geren if you are a candidate for safe sedation at the Center for Dental Anesthesia.

Turn to the Experts!

Whatever your individual level of dental anxiety may be, we are committed to giving you a successful and comfortable visit. We can help you overcome your fear of the dentist.

We offer:

  • Initial consultations in non-dental rooms for a more comfortable first appointment.
  • Personalized care through the undivided attention of our dentist and full team.
  • Pretreatment oral medications to offer ease as you begin your appointment.
  • A full range of dental sedation from very light to very deep, which is easily adjustable by our board certified anesthesiologists.
  • Single-visit dentistry, so you can get everything done at once.
  • Post-procedure recovery room with luxurious patient amenities and full monitoring capabilities.

Don’t put off your necessary dental care any longer. The sooner you seek treatment, the more pleasant and affordable it will be! If you are ready to overcome dental phobia and reclaim your oral health, schedule your consultation with Dr. Mady or Dr. Geren today.