Professional Teeth Whitening In Alexandria

Professional Teeth Whitening at Center for Dental Anesthesia

A beautiful smile leaves a lasting impression. Professional teeth whitening from The Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria VA can dramatically improve your overall appearance and give you a boost in self-confidence.

Our teeth often turn yellow or gray as we age. The things we eat and drink continually such as colored sodas, coffee and red wine can make that discoloration even worse.

There are a lot of over-the-counter whitening products at the store, and most of them do a pretty good job whitening your teeth. But none of them are as effective as professional teeth whitening. Our in-office whitening can be done in a single appointment, and leaves you with a brilliant, dazzling smile.

At The Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria VA, teeth whitening is just one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures we use to improve smiles every day. We’ve whitened the smiles of people from Northern Virgina, Fairfax, and Prince William County. Request an appointment with us to find out what we can do for your smile!

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