Celebrating The Past And Looking To The Future

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Celebrating The Past And Looking To The Future At Center for Dental Anesthesia

It has now been over 150 years since the first dental license was issued to Sir John Tomes. Our patients at the Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria should be grateful for the advances made in dentistry since then.

There was a time when blacksmiths and wig makers would also extract teeth with forceps to make a little extra money. Anyone could call themselves a dentist. Often these untrained people broke the jaws of the person they were trying to help. Ouch!

At Center for Dental Anesthesia, we celebrate with the dental community and marvel at the many advances made in the history of dentistry, particularly cosmetic dentistry.

One of the modern treatments that has helped countless Alexandria patients is invisible braces. This non-visible orthodontic therapy is custom made for each patient. They are transparent and removable and will help you achieve your desired smile in about 3 to 18 months.

If you have dreamed of a cosmetic improvement to your smile, we invite you to make an appointment with us to discuss a smile makeover. Complete smile transformations are performed as quickly and professionally as possible – sometimes in just one visit!

The Center for Dental Anesthesia offers family and cosmetic dentistry, and many other services. Call our office to schedule an appointment today.

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